More questions than answers: I think that’s a good thing?

Yes, it’s definitely a good thing! “The job of a university is not to find the answers, but to ask the right questions.”* When I published my last post, I patted myself on the back thinking that I’d answered a few of my own questions and that would be that for a week or so. … Continue reading

Why, Why, Why am I mooching about a MOOC?

Why am I doing this MOOC?  How do I personally benefit from trying to improve my professional practice?  If I were to conduct a cost-benefit analysis  would CPD (Continuing Professional Development) be a sound personal or institutional investment?  *Adopts the most sarcastic tone that she can muster* – “I’d be surprised!” Hmm, that feels better!  … Continue reading

How did that get there and how did I get here?

Boy was it ever cold and damp the day that we accidentally visited Stone Henge.  Middle of Winter?  Nope, a few weeks back at the beginning of June.  Due to a long tail back on the A303 we found ourselves doing a circuit around the stones braced against horizontal rain with coach-loads of dazed and … Continue reading

Cool, hip and trendy… looking like a

*censored for professional purposes*.  If you don’t mind a bit of fruity language you can find the inimitable Eddie Izzard talking about a fashion cycle here on YouTube, just watch the first 3 minutes or so. Now, why have I bought this to your attention?  Well my brain made the comedic connection when reading this … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most reflective practitioner of all?

I hold my hands up.  I could be much more reflective in my professional practice.  I could also strive harder to be evidence-informed.  Oh dear, here comes a limb that I fell the need to totter out onto.  I’m going to suggest that as a profession we could do more to encourage reflective practice and remaining … Continue reading

being a librarian – the story so far

I love being a librarian.  It’s interesting, exciting, challenging, always different.  Stamping books, shushing, shelving,  twin sets, buns, pearls.  The stereotypes are all still there.  I myself am guilty of every single one of them at some time.  Well, maybe not the twin set. So why would you want to be a librarian and why … Continue reading

The story so far…

Or  Thing 5 – Reflective Practice and maybe a bit of Things 6 and 7 Online Networks and Real Life Networks. To tweet or not to tweet? Twitter has yet to become part of my daily life although I am beginning to see its advantages.  We had a pretty serious incident within our local community … Continue reading

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