Don’t Shelve So Close To Me or CPD23 Thing 4


I feel terribly late for the Twitter Party and freely admit to being more than a little afraid.   What if no-one else arrives alone?  Will there be anyone that I know there?  What if no-one will speak to me?   As with many social events I found it a little easier once I found someone to hold my hand.  I mean, Twitter is not terribly welcoming to the uninitiated,  what with the hashtags and RTs.  It has a language and protocol all of its own.  And famous folk hang out there.  What if I accidentally directly tweet someone much more important than me?  Would it be like going to a tea party at Buckingham Palace and yelling ‘Whatcha Liz, great nosh!‘ from the buffet table?

Well, thanks to cpd23, whilst I certainly don’t claim to be Twitter competent I at least have an idea of what I don’t yet know.  I mean it’s only today that I learnt how to search by hashtag hence the terrible title pun #librarypop.


Terribly useful but not terribly sexy.  If we were talking Enterprise D (NCC-1701-D) RSS feeds would be Engineering to Twitter’s Holodeck.  I’ve found the combined cpd23 RSS  feed useful and have popped it on the bottom left-hand side of my blog home page , just down there, look.


New to me and after a little investigation I find a common theme emerging:  I can see a social use immediately, hence the library craft story.  I’m hoping that a professional application will reveal itself in its own good time.

Keep Tweeting! Px

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