Origami cube – a tutorial*

  To construct an origami cube you will need to create six identical folded shapes.  These shapes are then slotted together to make a cube. You will need at least six sheets of square origami paper time Creating the folded shape Constructing the folded shape needed to make an origami cube is an eight step process.  These steps are … Continue reading

More questions than answers: I think that’s a good thing?

Yes, it’s definitely a good thing! “The job of a university is not to find the answers, but to ask the right questions.”* When I published my last post, I patted myself on the back thinking that I’d answered a few of my own questions and that would be that for a week or so. … Continue reading

Why, Why, Why am I mooching about a MOOC?

Why am I doing this MOOC?  How do I personally benefit from trying to improve my professional practice?  If I were to conduct a cost-benefit analysis  would CPD (Continuing Professional Development) be a sound personal or institutional investment?  *Adopts the most sarcastic tone that she can muster* – “I’d be surprised!” Hmm, that feels better!  … Continue reading

Too shy shy, shush shush, thing to thing

Once again giving away my great age by referencing something ’80s*. Thing 21: Promoting yourself in job applications and at interview I guess that’s the ‘thing’ about these ‘Things’.  It’s about reflection and critical awareness of ones own skills and abilities.   A journey of self-discovery if you will.  And what I have discovered when investigating Thing 21 is … Continue reading

Take A Peek – Things 17 to 20

Making CPD23 my own I’m whizzing through Thing 17 The Medium is the Message- Prezi and Slideshare Lovely, useful. I’ll investigate more thoroughly when I next come to write a presentation. Thing 18 Jing / screen capture / podcasts (making and following them) Cloing. That’s the noise of me dropping the name of the article … Continue reading

ABC – advocacy, bibliographic management and conferences

But not in that orders my lovelies. Thing 14  – Zotero, Mendeley, CiteULike As I have worked predominantly in UK Higher Education I would say that I have slightly more than a passing aquaintance with bibliographic management software (BMS). The only points that I would add to the excellent CPD23 run-down are: 1) With some … Continue reading

So far behind…

that I could slap on some dungarees and apply for Rear of the Year. Except that I don’t own any and I’m far too old and I’m not ‘sweetly pretty just like a proper girly should be’ (top marks if you’re an 80s child and you get the ‘Young Ones’ reference to the fabulous Ms … Continue reading

Five Have A Wonderful Tim

Call the proof-reader!! Or, join in?  I guarantee that all of you are going to be better at this than I am.  Apart from anything else I am incredibly poorly read and am probably the only librarian alive who dreads fiction rounds in general knowledge quizzes.   No I don’t know.  Yes, I work in a … Continue reading

keeping it current

 The justification for the photo?  More to prove that I haven’t just dumped my original ‘mentoring’ post into a new one without re-reading it and adapting it in the light of my current thoughts.  Although, I could try to be clever and make a connection between mentoring, professional involvement and the Olympic and Paralympic values … Continue reading

How did that get there and how did I get here?

Boy was it ever cold and damp the day that we accidentally visited Stone Henge.  Middle of Winter?  Nope, a few weeks back at the beginning of June.  Due to a long tail back on the A303 we found ourselves doing a circuit around the stones braced against horizontal rain with coach-loads of dazed and … Continue reading

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